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The Official Publication of the Moro Human Rights Center Inc.


Volume 1 Issue 1

Cover Story:
More of the Same
by Erwin Francis Gaerlan

The Many Facets of Conflict Resolution
by Sophia Dimalog

by Erwin M. Gaerlan

The Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

A Human Rights Framework For the Moro Struggle
by Cris M.Gaerlan, Jr.

Signs of Peace
by Sahara (Samira Gutoc)

by Faith Joan C. Mesa

News Bits
IMAN binuo ng mga estudyante
Moro Civilians Abducted by Military
- Jamal Matanog


Economics of War

The Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

This is a declaration for mankind, a guidance and instruction to those who fear God.
(Al Qur’an, Al-imran 3:138)


WHEREAS the age-old human aspiration for a just world order where in people could live, develop and prosper in an environment free from fear, oppression, exploitation and deprivation, remains largely unfulfilled:

WHEREAS the Divine Mercy unto mankind reflected in its having been endowed with super abundant economic sustenance is being wasted or unfairly or unjustly withheld from the inhabitants of the earth.

WHEREAS Allah (God) has given mankind through His revelations in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of Hi Blessed Prophet Muhammad an abiding legal and moral framework within which to establish and regulate human institutions and relationship;

WHEREAS the human rights decreed by the Divine Law aim at conferring dignity and honor on mankind and are designed to eliminate oppression and injustice;

WHEREAS by virtue of their Divine source and sanction these rights can neither be curtailed, abrogated or disregarded by authorities, assemblies or other institutions, nor can they be surrendered or alienated;

therefor we, as Muslims, who believe in our obligation to establish an Islamic order:

i) wherein all human beings shall be equal and none shall enjoy a privilege or suffer a disadvantage or discrimina tion by reason of race, colour, sex, origin or language:

ii) wherein all human beings are born free:

iii) wherein slavery and force labor are abhorred:

iv) wherein conditions shall be established such that the institution of family shall be preserved, protected and honored as the basis of all social life,

v) wherein the rulers and the ruled alike are subject to, and equal before the Law;

vi) wherein obedience shall be rendered only to those commands that are in conscience with the Law;

vii) wherein all world power shall be considered as a sacred trust.

Right to Equality and Prohibition Against Impermissible Discrimination

a) All persons are equal before the Law and are entitled to equal opportunities and protection of the Law.

b) All persons shall be entitled to equal wage for equal work.

c) No person shall be denied the opportunity to work or be discriminated against in any manner or exposed to greater physical risk by reason of religious belief, colour, race, origin, sex or language.