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The Official Publication of the Moro Human Rights Center Inc.


Volume 1 Issue 1

Cover Story:
More of the Same
by Erwin Francis Gaerlan

The Many Facets of Conflict Resolution
by Sophia Dimalog

by Erwin M. Gaerlan

The Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

A Human Rights Framework For the Moro Struggle
by Cris M.Gaerlan, Jr.

Signs of Peace
by Sahara (Samira Gutoc)

by Faith Joan C. Mesa

News Bits
IMAN binuo ng mga estudyante
Moro Civilians Abducted by Military
- Jamal Matanog

Poetry Economics of War


by Erwin Gaerlan

Quo Vadis, MHRC?

It is safe to say that the Moro Human Rights Center is the only existing Human Rights Non-government Organization of the Moro people in the Philippines today. Being such, the MHRC has a very promising future. That is why because of this and the track record MHRC has already established, a lot of organizations use and misrepresent MHRC for other motives and purposes.

This promising status brings along with it great challenges and responsibilities. The fact that the Moro people’s struggle for right to self-determination has yet to be realized, MHRC can act as catalyst in the promotion and protection of Moro human rights and can be instrumental in the development of a Moro human rights movement.

These challenges can only be addressed if the MHRC realizes its potentialities and grows into a fully developed institution capable of taking on greater responsibilities beyond dictates and influences of external forces. How can MHRC banner self-determination as its core ideology when by itself as an institution is not free and could not independently determine its own future and direction?

The future of MHRC lies not in the hands of any political bloc throwing its weight and influence over the institution. The future of MHRC lies in the hands of Moro human rights activists and advocates whose commitment to serve the Moro people is deeply rooted in their desire to realize the self-determination of their very own people not in an ideology that might one way or the other prevents its realization.

While it is true that we need all the support and solidarity from political blocs that we can get, it is welcome only if it starts and ends there. True solidarity is realized not thru exercise of political deception and gimmickry but genuine respect and recognition of self-determination in its entirety choosing not only those that can benefit mercenary and selfish motives.

Moro human rights activists and advocates within and without MHRC should evaluate and ask themselves these questions. Only after self-evaluation and realizations that the future of MHRC can best be charted. In the final analysis, it is the Moro people and the history of the Moro struggle for self-determination who will judge our actions of today.|K|