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The Official Publication of the Moro Human Rights Center Inc.


Volume 1 Issue 1

Cover Story:
More of the Same
by Erwin Francis Gaerlan

The Many Facets of Conflict Resolution
by Sophia Dimalog

by Erwin M. Gaerlan

The Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

A Human Rights Framework For the Moro Struggle
by Cris M.Gaerlan, Jr.

Signs of Peace
by Sahara (Samira Gutoc)

by Faith Joan C. Mesa

News Bits
IMAN binuo ng mga estudyante
Moro Civilians Abducted by Military
- Jamal Matanog


Economics of War

A Human Rights Framework For the Moro Struggle

by Cris Gaerlan Jr.

Some suggestions on Moro human rights struggle and advocacy:

1. The present situation of a relatively stable democratic space and openness of the state to Moro autonomy presents an excellent situation for Moro human rights work. This should be maximized.

2. Define the Moro human rights orientation, its relation to the over-all Moro struggle, its program of action and its over-all strategy.

3. A declaration on Moro people’s rights can be promulgated by Moro human rights defenders and people’s organizations to provide a strategic guide to Moro human rights work. This can be done as a process of consultation at the grassroots level leading to a conference summit of Moro leaders. The process provides an opportunity for grassroots education and organizing as well as an opportunity for broad alliance work.

4. Organize the organization of Moro human rights defenders as an activist backbone of the Moro human rights movement to handle various human rights issues of the Moro people. This should be based on the youth and students, as well as professionals, for maximum flexibility and use of resources.

5. Define the major human rights category of issues, such as the right to ancestral domain, struggle against discrimination, etc. upon which to focus Moro human rights advocacy and struggle. These issues should have corresponding strategies and organizations.

6. Develop Moro human rights leaders and develop a program for electoral and parliamentary work consistent with Moro human rights objectives.

7. Coordinate human rights struggle and advocacy with the Moro people’s political struggle.

8. Implement a research and documentation program on the Moro human rights situation. This is to develop the necessary information database for human rights advocacy and struggle. A special area for research is the area of application of human rights to Moro society, especially in the light of Islamic teachings and local Moro culture.

9. Develop the broadest possible human rights alliance, first, among the various tribes and political groups within the Moro people, and, second, with other non-Moro peoples in Mindanao and at the national level.

10. Carry out an international human rights diplomacy and solidarity campaign for the Moro people’s struggle.

11. Coordinate with and participate in the Philippine human rights movement.|K|